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11 Nostalgic Ice Cream Parlors in Virginia (BEST Ice Cream in VA)

Looking for the best ice cream in Virginia?

You’re in luck! We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 ice cream shops across the state. From old-fashioned soda fountains to artisanal gelato, you’ll find something that suits your tastes and budget.

Whether you’re visiting Virginia for the first time or you’re a longtime resident, make sure to check out these delicious ice cream shops.

grid of ice cream case, worker in window, sign for parlor

The Best Ice Cream Shops in Virginia

🍦 Need a quick recommendation? Our very favorite ice cream shop is Kline’s Dairy Bar. They serve truly homemade ice cream, made fresh every morning. A close runner-up is Carl’s in Fredericksburg for its old-fashioned feel and amazing chocolate malts.

1. Doumar’s Cones and Barbecue in Norfolk

Doumar’s Cones and Barbecue is a historic restaurant in Virginia Beach that is known for their delicious hand-rolled waffle cones. The restaurant got its start at the 1904 World’s Fair when Abe Doumar curled his waffle and put a scoop of ice cream on top. Since then, Doumar’s has been serving up some of the best barbecue and ice cream in Virginia.

You can even watch the waffle iron make the cones right in front of you..

For a unique and tasty barbecue experience, head to Doumar’s Cones and Barbecue in Virginia Beach.

Customers can choose from a variety of meats like brisket, pulled pork, and chicken, as well as delicious sides like macaroni and cheese or collard greens. And, most importantly, don’t forget to finish your meal with a creamy ice cream cone.

(If you love the idea of BBQ and ice cream, check out our list of the Best BBQ Places in VA!)

See their full menu here

2. Bean’s Ice Cream in Poquoson

Bean’s Ice Cream is a family-owned ice cream parlor in Poquoson, Virginia. They serve a great selection of hand-dipped ice cream.

They also serve milkshakes, ice cream sandwiches, and super yummy cold brew coffee blended with ice cream.

The best part of this ice cream parlor is the cozy, old-fashioned feel inside. The staff is super-friendly, and they make sure you have a great experience.

Bean’s Ice Cream is the perfect spot to enjoy a delicious ice cream treat with friends or family. With a variety of flavors to choose from, everyone is sure to find something they love.

Visit their website and see all their flavors here.

3. Pop’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream Co. in Alexandria

Pop’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream Co. is a popular ice cream shop in Alexandria, Virginia. It is known for its old-fashioned ambiance and delicious frozen treats.

Some of their most popular items include:

  • Classic sundae
  • Root beer float
  • Banana split

What makes Pop’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream Co. unique is their wide variety of flavors. You can choose from over 50 different flavors, including classics like vanilla and chocolate, as well as more unique flavors like key lime pie and pumpkin spice.

They also have lots of creative sundaes on the menu.

If you’re looking for a delicious and nostalgic ice cream experience, then head to Pop’s.

Here’s their menu!

4. Sugar Creek Snowy and Sweet

Sugar Creek Snowy and Sweet is a candy store in Woodstock, VA. It’s also a full-service ice cream parlor. They make their ice cream in small batches with all-natural ingredients.

Sugar Creek is the perfect place to go for a sweet treat. In addition to delicious ice cream, they have a wide variety of candy, including bulk bins of your favorite nostalgic treats.

From candies to gourmet chocolate, and candy floss to taffy, you can find just about anything your heart desires at this one store.

They have some of the best milkshakes of anyone on the list, and you can take pints to go.

Check them out here.

5. Kline’s Dairy Bar (various locations near Harrisonburg)

Kline’s Dairy Bar is a local favorite for ice cream in the Harrisonburg area. The shop has been in operation since 1947 and offers a variety of flavors and toppings.

This is one of the most nostalgic ice cream parlors in Virginia, and it’s been in business since 1943.

In addition to its amazing ice cream, Kline’s Dairy Bar is also known for being pet-friendly. This makes it a great destination for animal lovers, as they can enjoy a tasty treat while their furry friends play in the nearby park. (We love it here!)

Visit their website here.

6. Pack’s Frozen Custard

This is a small, local chain with some of the best premium ice cream around. We love their milkshakes, banana splits, and their black raspberry soft serve.

Our kids love their ice cream “lollipop”, which is a snowcone filled with ice cream.

Here’s a picture of their menu.

7. Chap’s Ice Cream in Charlottesville

There are a lot of delicious ice cream shops in Virginia, but Chap’s is one of the best.

Chap’s Ice Cream is a retro 1950s shop that serves up some of the most delicious ice cream, frozen yogurt, and gelato around.

A person holding up a cone of ice cream in front of the chaps ice cream shop.

There’s a coffee shop attached and you can also get breakfast or lunch here.

They are in the historic downtown mall (one of the most fun things to see in Charlottesville).

Visit their website here.

8. Homestead Creamery Farm Market in Burnt Chimney

Homestead Creamery is a dairy farm and ice cream store located in Franklin County, Virginia. They are well-known for their delicious ice cream, which is made with fresh milk from their own cows.

They also sell milk and other fresh dairy products at their market.

They have a variety of flavors to choose from: the classics plus seasonal flavors that rotate.

Here are all the flavors they’re currently offering.

9. Carl’s Frozen Custard in Fredericksburg

Carl’s is a small, family-owned ice cream shop in Fredericksburg, VA. They serve frozen custard in just a few flavors but they’re all delicious.

Visiting this spot feels like stepping back in time.

Our favorites here are the strawberry topping and the chocolate malt. On nice days, be prepared to wait in line a bit as this is a local favorite.

There’s no interior, but there are benches nearby to sit and enjoy your sweet treat.

They close from Thanksgiving to Valentine’s Day.

Find their website here.

10. Bev’s Homemade Ice Cream in Richmond

Bev’s is one of the cutest and friendliest ice cream parlors in the state and serves homemade ice cream.

It’s also a great place to get a custom birthday cake.

Bev’s homemade ice cream serves classic delicious flavors plus a few seasonal selections. (Our favorite is Heath Bar!)

Check out the menu here.

11. The Split Banana in Staunton

The Split Banana is a local favorite in Staunton, VA. It has been voted as one of the “Best of Virginia” by Virginia Living Magazine and has received certificates of excellence from TripAdvisor for several years running.

The Split Banana offers unique flavors like:

  • Caramel peanut butter
  • Papaya pineapple
  • Baby ginger
  • Apple pie ice cream

They also serve up some of the most creative and delicious sundaes around. (Our favorite is the “Kit Kat Klassic”.)

There are many delicious ice cream shops in Virginia, but the ones listed above are some of the best. If you’re looking for a great place to get ice cream in Virginia, any of these places would be a good choice.